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Why Dave, Why Now?

The market segment of adults currently aged 44 to 62 is the gold standard.  This generation has more members, more wealth, more experiences, more desires and greater longevity than any previous generation. However, this generation also faces incredible challenges with today’s economy. Quite simply, baby boomers represent the greatest marketing opportunity in the last 100 years. But they also represent the greatest marketing challenge.

Let Dave Schreiner help your firm navigate the bountiful baby boomer waters. He can provide you with guidance in the areas of business planning, product design, sales, marketing and customer service.

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The Baby Boomer Cornucopia

According to Greek mythology, in the fifth century B. C., Zeus created the cornucopia, a horn of supernatural powers which would give the person in possession unlimited abundance. Following World War II, optimistic young adults created the modern day version of the cornucopia—the baby boom generation.

Find out why NOW is the time to tap into the incredible spending power of this unique generation.

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For Many Retirees, Home's too Sweet to Leave

USA Today, June 11, 2007

"What we started in the mid-'90s was to focus on the three-quarters that don't really want to relocate," Schreiner says. "We turned out development sites in fairly large population centers in the country. It's perceived to be a trend, but really, we were just catching up. There was a market always there; it was just a market that hasn't been served."

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Homes Evolve for the 55+ Crowd

USA Today, March 9, 2007

"Budding retiress—they're really faced with planning for very long periods of time, and in a time of financial uncertainty," says Dave Schreiner, a vice president for Pulte Homes. With the shaky stock market and low interest rates on savings accounts, he says, "Imagine being a 55-year-old person, thinking about the 40 years in some pretty daunting circumstances."

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Original Sun City Sets Standards

Town that Webb Built Serves as Model Nationwide

Daily News-Sun, November 2, 2006

"This concept is still incredibly well-received across the country," said David G. Schreiner, national Vice president for Pulte Homes/Del Webb Adult Communities, during a presentation at the Sun Cities Area Historical Society's annual meeting Thursday.

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